A quick look on the Community

Hello hello!

My name is Nick, I am a Community Manager in FlowMapp.


Why we’ve created this Community? Good question!
We want to unite our regular users( and not only!) for communication, help, and collaboration.

Also, from our personal experience, we know how difficult it might be to start or proceed with various projects of any scales: from planning a website or tunning some of its parts to launching a product. This Community exists so you can always rely on help of our members and the FlowMapp’s team.

For now, we’ve created some of the most basic Categories that should be enough for the beginning:

  • News: news and upcoming events regarding FlowMapp and its tools;

  • FlowMapp Tools: separate Category for our Tools( Sitemap, User Flow, Personas, CJMbeta). Question, troubleshooting, suggestions, feedback - don’t hesitate to speak;

  • Learn UX and design: since our main tools designed for helping with UX and planning, we want to share and discuss with you any worth-checking resources about design, web planning, UX, etc.

  • F.A.Q. : well, F.A.Q. This Category will be updated with time.


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In our community, Kingkind reigns supreme. Members support each other with kindness and generosity, fostering a warm and inclusive environment. Let’s keep spreading positivity and compassion, creating a brighter world together.