Feature request: Ability to define page templates with predefined sections

As most pages in a site use a template, it makes sense to be able to setup you own templates where each template consists of:

  • Default Cover
  • Default Text
  • Default sections

So when I instantiate a new page I get to chose from one of the templates. So that I have good starting point. Would speed the workflow a lot.

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Custom Templates – my previous reply from another topic of yours:

Custom Templates, gotcha :white_check_mark:
Don’t want to share too much information, but custom Templates seem to us as a logical step-up and we’re thinking for some time about this.
No any ETA’s, but hope to see it one day :crossed_fingers:

There are obvious differences in your both template requests, but considering our vision of possible updates in this matter it’s the one thing.

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Yes, it makes sense to be able to set up your own templates for website pages, where each template includes a default cover, default text, and default sections. This can greatly speed up the workflow and provide a convenient starting point when creating new pages.

By having pre-defined templates, you can ensure consistency in the design and layout of your website. When creating a new page, you can choose a template that aligns with the desired structure and design you want for that specific page. This eliminates the need to recreate the same layout and content structure from scratch, saving time and effort.

Templates also allow for efficient updates and maintenance. If you decide to make changes to the default cover, text, or sections, you can update the template, and those changes will automatically be reflected in all pages http://fairfaxautodetailing.com/ that are based on that template. This helps maintain a cohesive look and feel across your website.