Feature request(Color changes)

Hello Flowmapp! My team is curious if there is a feature to change the color of the interface when building a sitemap. We ask this because the team have not the best eyes and a few of them are color blind. As for accessibility in the design, I would like to know if there is anything to adjust the colors to help everyone see the very light blue UI. Thank you, Felix

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We’d also enjoy the possibility to change the color of Flowmapp cards, for example to indicate progress in sitemap or various dimensions of a flowchart.

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Hey Felix,

Developers are aware about discomforting color palette for some users.
So yeah, we have plans to add some options to choose from.
For the beginning, it probably will be some sort of “dark theme” :new_moon_with_face:

upd: sorry for late reply btw!

Hello Christian! Glad you joined us!

Could you please explain a bit more about your request? You’re talking about Sitemap’s cards or UF’s? And please clarify about indication progress.
This sounds interesting, but we definitely need understand in more detail.