Feature request - Export to CSV

Hello! We are using Flowmapp more and more to inventory content, create new IAs and ultimately transform sites at our organization.

Would love to see export to CSV functionality for sitemaps.

I noticed it had been requested awhile ago, just wanted to prompt it again. It would help us greatly in generating clean lists of URLs, tags, and content notes in working with both client and IT. It seems like something that would be useful to a wide range of your customers!


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Hi there! Thanks for the request (and apologies for the delayed reply :blush: )!

Oh yes, CSV export is a long-term request…
It is still in our plans, but we kinda struggling with understanding how it should be implemented.
For example, we would be very grateful if you could share a .scv sample with us (with devs) you would like to see?

Thank you :call_me_hand:


Hello community, would it be possible to add a functionality allowing to easily export the logs of mails sending (with filters (periods of dates, recipients…) would be a plus!)
Thanks a lot.