Feature request - Folders for sitemaps

We are starting to get a lot of site maps as an organization. Is there a way to have folders/sub-folders to organize them? I’m forecasting that we will have a lot more of them and it’ll get messy quickly.

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Hey Maxime!

It’s not possible to create folders at the moment, but it’s in the Backlog and we’ll add some options after the 2.0 release.
Soon :crossed_fingers:

Hi Nick, thanks for the follow up! Exciting. Best success on the release.

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Certainly, organizing your site maps into folders and sub-folders is a smart approach to keep things tidy and easily accessible as your organization generates more of them. Many content management 3d systems and document management tools offer features for organizing files and documents in a structured way. Exploring such tools might be a helpful solution for your growing collection of site maps.

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Absolutely love the sleek, innovative approach to smart wallets! Adding folders for sitemaps would be a game-changer, enhancing organization and efficiency for a perfect blend of style and function.

Yes, you can organize site maps into folders and sub-folders. This will help keep them sorted and easy to find, especially as you get more of them.

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Organizing your site maps into folders or sub-folders can indeed help keep things tidy and manageable as your collection grows. Here are a few suggestions on how you might approach this placement:>bijoybayanno.org
Create a hierarchical folder structure that reflects the organization of your site maps. For example, you could have main folders for different departments, projects, or types of site maps (e.g., “Marketing,” “Sales,” “Product Development,” etc.), and then create sub-folders within each main folder as needed.
2. Naming Convention

organization scheme as needed to https://bijoybayanno.org/ accommodate new site maps and changes in your organization’s needs. This will help prevent your folders from becoming cluttered and ensure that you can easily find and access the site maps you need.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively organize your site maps and maintain a structured and efficient system for managing them as your collection continues to grow.