Feature requests

Hello, in User Flows, it’d be useful as we collaborate around a new flowchart to comment/markup directly on any element like a line, or box where the question arises.


It’s a good idea and it’s already in the backlog :+1:

Great, thanks

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Is it possible to duplicate CJM’s? I have a project I am working on which requires multiple CJM’s which are quite similar and so I don’t want to have to recreate 90% again and again.

Is this possible?

Also, I have noticed that if you duplicate an entire project any CJM’s in the project are not copied.

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Hi there!

Yes, it is possible, but on paid subscription plans only.
To duplicate a CJM, use the drop-down menu on the top left bar. Select the CJM, hover over its name, and then click on the duplicate icon.