Folder Cover Image (feature request)

First impressions of this software is that it is awesome, just what I needed being a UI designer! Would be good to have a generic ‘Folder’ cover image in the sitemaps library. I have a few areas of my site that are in folders for SEO purposes but house other pages e.g. - So would be good to have a cover for that eventuality or be able to upload an image of my choice.

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Hey Jason!
Wow, I’m so late - huge, huge apologies!

Fortunately, we have some plans to improve some SEO aspects of our service, but genuinely speaking it’s not for the near time.
Thank you for the cover images idea - added to the Backlog :ok_hand:

Having a generic ‘Folder’ cover image or the ability to upload New castle dental clinics a custom image for folders can enhance the visual representation of your sitemaps, especially for SEO-focused structures where certain pages reside within folders. It can provide a clearer visual hierarchy and help differentiate between individual pages and folder categories.

I have a suggestion to further enhance the user experience. It would be beneficial to have a default “Folder” icon available in the flow library. This would be cost estimating services particularly useful for representing sections or categories in my flow diagrams that contain multiple related steps. For instance, if I have a flow that includes different stages or phases, having a dedicated “Folder” icon would help visually organize and label these sections.

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Absolutely thrilled with this software, perfect for UI designers like me! A ‘Folder’ cover image in the sitemaps library would indeed be a valuable addition. I often have SEO-driven subdirectories housing important pages. A customizable cover would enhance organization and aesthetics. Looking forward to updates! Kudos to the team!

Nice, Topic share Folder Cover Image" feature, allowing users to personalize folder organization. Users can assign custom images to folders, aiding visual recognition and user engagement. Enhancing user experience, this feature streamlines navigation and adds a personal touch to the platform. A simple upload option within folder settings, along with predefined image choices, ensures convenience and variety. With responsive design, this feature maintains functionality across devices. By integrating the “Folder Cover Image” feature, your platform will empower users pacha nightclub barcelona to create a visually appealing and organized environment tailored to their preferences.

I’m thrilled to hear that you’re finding the software awesome and well-suited to your UI design needs! Your suggestion about having a generic ‘Folder’ cover image in the sitemaps library is indeed thoughtful. It would be a valuable addition for cases like yours, where pages are organized within folders for SEO and navigation purposes. Having the flexibility to upload a custom image could provide a personalized touch as well. Your feedback is valuable, and it’s great to see your engagement in enhancing the software’s usability. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your insights!

I’m overjoyed to learn that you think the programme is fantastic and well suited to your UI design requirements. It is a clever idea that you provide a generic “Folder” cover picture in the sitemaps library. For situations like yours, where pages are arranged in folders for SEO and navigational reasons, it would be a useful addition. Additionally, the ability to contribute a unique image may provide a bit of personalization. Your suggestions are helpful, and it’s wonderful to see how committed you are to improving the software’s usability. Keep up the good job, and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom!

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