How can I add multiple Sitemaps to one project?

Every time I need to create a sitemap, it only allows me to create one for a project, but most projects I work on, it takes more than one sitemap to get the final sitemap.


Unfortunately, at the moment you can only have 1 SM per Project.
You can always delete your current SM by deleting the first page of it and create new, but well, this is a half-measure of course. This is, hands down, the most popular request ever, and developers are working on this. Hope to see it in a few months.

Thank you!

Hi guys, I think if I could add additional pages to any new ‘separate page’ that would solve this issue.

Today I wanted to add a new page to the SM but as a ‘single’ entity because it is lead magnet content. It doesn’t live under a menu item, but it does have the usual thank you page and it will have an additional offer or extended content on this thank you page to discourage drop-off of the user.

It would be really useful to be able to treat a new ‘separate’ page like any other and daisy-chain new pages to it. Thanks


I need this feature, too. For one project, I need to document an old sitemap, and then create a brand new one.

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We’ll deliver the option to create up to 3 Sitemaps per Project in our 2.0 Update(FlowMapp 2.0 — New Collaborative Experience) that developers are finishing and polishing at the moment :raised_hands:



When will this sitemap update happen? It’s a year later!

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