How to manage your CJM

CJM is a powerful tool that allows you to create User Experience of a specific segment of your target audience. Structure useful information, channels of communication, the motivation of users and their emotional response within the CJM to reveal as much empathy as possible and improve the product with new insights.

Managing Project

When you sign up for a FlowMapp account, you’ll be taken to your Project List where you can start creating projects. (1)

After registration you’ll be able to see desktop with the list of projects. Prior to creating your first project you’ll be viewing a desktop with an offer to create first project.
On this screen you can add people to projects, share them with clients, archive or delete completed projects. Here you can also modify your project — change the cover or rename the project.

Project view

Projects view are available in two types:

  • Tiles view
  • List view

Projects can be arranged randomly no matter what type you choose.

Sorting projects

By default, your projects are sorted by recent activity . You can also sort them alphabetically, custom (drag & drop) or by creation date .

Searching for a project

You can also search within the dashboard if you have tons of projects. The search functionality also allows you to search within folders.

CJM shortcuts

Here is a list of shortcuts and hotkeys that you can use to speed up your work with Customer Journey Map tool:

Delete Section or Stage — del

Edit Cell or Section – cmd + E

Undo — CMD + Z

Redo — Shift + CMD + Z

Multiselect Stages, Sections or Cells, — Hold Shift + click

Deselect Stage, Section or Cell — esc

Cancel action — esc

Set Persona

After creating the CJM no Persona will be selected.

Change Persona

You can create a new Persona or continue working without selecting a specific person and select it later.

Change Persona

You can change the selected Persona in created CJM:

    1. Click on Change Persona button to open list of Personas created in the current project,
    1. Click on Persona image.

Preview Persona

  1. Hover and click on Persona image,
  2. You can view Persona in the opened window. If you need to edit it, click on Go to Persona button.

Share Customer Journey Map

To share Customer Journey Map you need to create a public share link.

Share CJM from Project list: (2)

Create share link from Customer Journey Map tool:

  • Go to your Customer Journey Map,
  • Click the share_icon icon,
  • Click Copy at the bottom of the modal
  • The link should now be copied to your clipboard and ready for sharing.

People who receive your public share link have read-only mode.


Hi, To manage customer journey mapping on several factors and the point you have described above and much accurate. In these points has much potential and the right way which we can follow during CJM.

Thanks for this act.

Wish you good luck.

Clearly define the goals and objectives of your CJM. Understand what insights you want to gain and the specific customer experiences circular font you want to improve.

Thanks for this, CJM empowers tailored User Experience creation for target audience segments, enhancing empathy and insights. FlowMapp simplifies Project Management with easy project creation upon account signup

To download the Scarlet app on your iPhone, ensure that your device is running iOS 12.0 or later for optimal compatibility. Additionally, check that your iPhone has sufficient storage space to accommodate the app. Scarlet may also require a stable internet connection for installation and regular use. Verify your device’s iOS version in the Settings app under “General” and “Software Update” before downloading Scarlet from the App Store.

Managing your Customer Journey Map (CJM) involves regularly updating it with customer insights, feedback, and evolving touchpoints to ensure it reflects current experiences. Use CJM to align your business strategies with customer expectations and continuously refine it to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Regular reviews and adjustments help maintain its effectiveness as a strategic tool.