Project owner's email deleted or unavailable - what should we do?

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We have a little problem with our development path. Not a problem, actually, but a one tricky case in our Support experience…

So what our users should do if they want to transfer a project to another user?
If the situation is good (from the side of our Support team) and you are the owner of the project - it is great. Just perfect. If we can be sure, that the owner itself wants to transfer the project - we will execute the transfer immediately. It’s a security measure and it’s mandatory for all users and plans. It’s very improbable that a fired employee would be so angry that he would decide to transfer a project from the company just as revenge - but it is still possible. That is why our Trasnfer projects between users procedure looks like this:

But what if, for example, an owner’s email address has been deleted but a whole team wants a project to be transferred to some other person? How should we handle the situation? What can be a verification from a company/team itself as a confirmation to transferring without a project owner’s permission?

We have some thoughts about this. For example, a request from one of administration email addresses such as info@, support@, accounts@. But we would like to hear your thought and learn how the procedure should work from your perspective.


Typically an app or service would allow an organisation/entity to be created and “owned” by at least one administrator. This/these administrators then control members of the organisation/entity. Maybe that would have resolved the issue we had here?