Project owner's email deleted or unavailable - what should we do?

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We have a little problem with our development path. Not a problem, actually, but a one tricky case in our Support experience…

So what our users should do if they want to transfer a project to another user?
If the situation is good (from the side of our Support team) and you are the owner of the project - it is great. Just perfect. If we can be sure, that the owner itself wants to transfer the project - we will execute the transfer immediately. It’s a security measure and it’s mandatory for all users and plans. It’s very improbable that a fired employee would be so angry that he would decide to transfer a project from the company just as revenge - but it is still possible. That is why our Trasnfer projects between users procedure looks like this:

But what if, for example, an owner’s email address has been deleted but a whole team wants a project to be transferred to some other person? How should we handle the situation? What can be a verification from a company/team itself as a confirmation to transferring without a project owner’s permission?

We have some thoughts about this. For example, a request from one of administration email addresses such as info@, support@, accounts@. But we would like to hear your thought and learn how the procedure should work from your perspective.


Typically an app or service would allow an organisation/entity to be created and “owned” by at least one administrator. This/these administrators then control members of the organisation/entity. Maybe that would have resolved the issue we had here?


In the realm of project management, encountering a situation where the project owner’s email is deleted or unavailable can be quite challenging. This unexpected hurdle can disrupt the communication flow and progress of any project, leaving both clients and freelancers in a state of uncertainty.

To navigate this situation effectively, it’s crucial to establish backup communication channels and protocols from the beginning of the project. Additionally, maintaining a record of critical project details and maintaining open lines of communication through alternative means can be invaluable when issues with email arise. Adaptability and proactive planning are key to overcoming these obstacles, ensuring projects, like a top-rated San Diego freelance designer portfolio, continue to thrive.

In the intricate web of project management, encountering a scenario where the project owner’s email is deleted or unavailable can be perplexing. To address this, maintaining clear communication channels and implementing backup contact methods becomes crucial. Just as glycerine acts as a stabilizing agent, a well-established communication plan ensures project continuity, allowing teams to smoothly navigate unexpected hurdles.