Transparent line labels

I saw these on the website examples, but have no idea how to create them on a user flow…
Does anyone know if its possible to add line label like this?

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Hello Sir!

Pretty simple:
create your label with add text tool;
set text’s color background the same as your User Flow background-they should match if you want to make it look like in example above(our default color background is #f0f4f7);
Then just move your text block on required place near the line.

Thats it! Let me know if any additional help needed.

Hi Nick.
I see. Thank you.
I thought there is a specific instrument for it… Any other way?
Thank you.

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This is the only one yet :slight_smile:

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So I tried to do as per your advice Nick and well it works.
But I would like to see some new instruments to work with labels in the future…